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"Thank you Val Vallejo for your amazing advice on food and supplements for my babies. We started yesterday and they are loving it, especially the new food. Keeping a close eye on them to make sure the transition is easy going for them and will keep you updated. Hope you had a great weekend, thank you for all you do and thank you for taking the time to email me back with such amazing advice. Love all of us.. Maggie Mae, 11yrs, Penelope Ann, 9yrs & Frank Oliver, 6yrs."

Bulldog Testimonial

"Sophia 10.5 years old takes Joint Strong and Young at Heart. She feels great!!!"

"I'm exceptionally passionate when it comes to feeding and supplementing your dog well to ensure optimal health. In rescue we see many cases of neglect, but when we're able to get our hands on them, provide them with good food, supplements and tons of love, the transformations are heart warming!"

"This is Garbo. She came into rescue with a severe case of demodex mange, bad yeast and was very underweight. We treated her with Vertex, Coat Boost, and Omega Dog. Here is her before and after pic. She looks like a beautiful, healthy bulldog now ."

"Frida would never let me touch her back paws do to arthritis. I tried Joint Strong on her like I use on the other dogs but her allergy to chicken even in very small amounts reacted, had IDC's right away. The vet told me I needed to give her some type of joint support. Val from Cucamonga Dog Company suggested the Omega since it's also an anti inflammatory. I've beening using for a couple of months and just realized that she lets me touch her back paws without being snappy anymore. Love this product for my allergic to everything girl!" - Marti

So Happy Friday is doing better!

Omega testimonial

Before and After Spolight:

Here's Brody, this gorgeous boy came to us with skin issues, food allergies, and yeast and secondary infections. We used Vertex and Coat Boost to get him looking like the handsome boy he once was!

Vertex Coat Boost testimonial